Friday, January 7, 2011

hello pyrex visitors!

i just thought that i would put a little post on here since many of you are like me and like to check out who is lurking on the pyrex collective! i may actually get creative and post a little bio or something later - don't hold your breath! lol here is me and the love of my life during our annual christmas self portrait. that way you don't have to stare at our backsides all the time on our sunrise walk on the beach...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

no post from me again!

I am a terrible blogger. But guess what I discovered last week. FACEBOOK - it is the lazy person's blog. Plus you can get caught up on everyone you went to school with without having to actually communicate with them. I will admit to a small addiction to the farming games. They are fun.

I got a new iphone today - what was I thinking. My brain is fried trying to learn how to use it. Maybe I will figure it out by the time I upgrade again in 2 years.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

More new babies!!

We have 2 more new babies. These pics were taken when they were just a day or so shy of one week old. The top baby is Cookie and the bottom baby is Brownie. Miss Maude is Cookie's mommy and Duchess is Brownie's momma. They are growing like weeds and bouncing all over the place and keeping their mama's really busy trying to keep up with them.

By the way, they too were surprises. We didn't plan for any babies at all this year, and we have had five born so far. Thank you neighbor billy goat (not)!